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Carolina Classic Crunch Pecans

10 oz of our slow roasted pecans glazed with our signature syrup using butter, brown sugar, cream and homemade vanilla extract.

Not too sweet and just enough Crunch to satisfy your craving.



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Charleston Crunch Pralines

A richer combination of our slow roasted pecans, signature syrup of brown sugar, butter, cream and homemade vanilla extract formed into 12 clusters perfect for individual treats where you deserve a little luxury.


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Chucktown Chewies

It's what a brownie wants to be when it grows up! Butter, brown sugar, pecans, and our homemade vanilla extract make Charleston, SC's signature dessert the BEST you've ever had.

A dozen bars shipped in a jar. 


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Variety Crunchbox

Get the best value with a variety CrunchBox!


Chucktown Chewies, Carolina Classic Crunch Pecans, Charleston Crunch Pralines and our Snack of the Month


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